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Juan Sordo Madaleno. Iglesia y parroquia de San Ignacio de Loyola, México DF 1962

I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

Alan Watts (via astrolocherry)


Taishou jidai no Toukyou Eki 大正時代の東京駅 (Tokyo Station in the Taisho Era) - Younen gaho 幼年画報 (Childhood Pictorial) - January 1924


Anges Martin

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (2012)


Brassaï, Graffiti, captured between 1933 and 1944.


Ayasofya, ايا صوفيا., Αγίας Σοφίας, Sancta Sophia, Sancta Sapientia or Hagia Sophia (Istanbul).


A bit of context on this next series of photos: Dharamshala, India is where the exiled government of Tibet resides. Led by the Dalai Lama, nearly 100,000 Tibetan refugees live in this northern Indian city, where they seek to maintain their traditions and culture in exile. The long journey from Tibet to India includes a grueling 28 day walk through the Himalayan mountains. Many of the refugees make this trek as children, sent by their parents in hopes of studying their language and religion in freedom. In conclusion, here’s a young Tibetan monk playing with a kitten.

(Dharamshala, India)